BWOO Earphone with Mic – Handsfree




  • 14mm big moving coil delivers a powerful sound field
  • Integrated three-button wired control for easy management
  • HD microphone ensures stunning call clarity
  • TPE cables and 45°angled in-ear design for comfortable wear
  • 3.5mm plug offers a lossless connection and universal compatibility


Immersive Sound Experience with 14mm Big Moving Coil

Elevate your audio encounters with the Bwoo Earphones with Mic, boasting a 14mm big moving coil sound unit that delivers a powerful and expansive sound field. Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant, rich, and nuanced audio quality that breathes life into your music, movies, or calls.

Crystal Clear Calls and Easy Controls

Stay connected with remarkable clarity using the integrated three-button wired control and HD microphone. Enjoy stunning call quality, ensuring that every conversation is crisp and clear. Effortlessly manage your music, adjust volume, or handle incoming calls with convenient control buttons at your fingertips.

Earphone with Mic
Earphone with Mic
Earphone with Mic
Earphone with Mic

Comfortable Design for Prolonged Use

Experience unparalleled comfort with the TPE cables and a 45°angled in-ear design. These earphones are crafted not just for exceptional sound but also for extended wear. The angled design ensures a snug fit while minimizing discomfort, allowing you to indulge in your favorite tunes for hours without any strain.

Universal Compatibility for Seamless Connectivity Earphone with Mic

The Earphone with Mic ensures a seamless audio experience with its 3.5mm plug lossless connection. Enjoy powerful universality, allowing you to connect to a wide array of devices without compromising on audio quality. Whether it’s your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other gadgets, enjoy a lossless connection for uninterrupted audio bliss.


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